June 4, 2018

Can millennials foster a ‘green’ culture at work?

On World Environment Day, we look at how employees are driving companies to become more planet-friendly
May 16, 2018

Young generation distrustful of businesses, as loyalty and confidence dip

About 73% of the millennials are of the opinion that businesses have no goal other than making money, according to a Deloitte survey
April 30, 2018

How Goodera is bringing together volunteers and professionals to find meaning and purpose in giving

With 250 million people expected to join the country’s workforce by 2030, India is projected to be the youngest nation in the world....
December 1, 2017

1st-generation entrepreneurs – Premji, Nilekani, NRN – make Bengaluru India’s philanthropy capital

With four Bengalureans being the only Indian signatories to Bill Gates’ Giving Pledge, the IT city could very well...
November 10, 2017

Cos social drive goes digital for transparency

Corporate CSR projects often suffer from lack of transparency, accountability and visibility. A few employees tend to lead CSR efforts...
October 26, 2017

PSUs devote over Rs121 crore of CSR funds towards ‘Statue of Unity’

ONGC reported a contribution of Rs 50 crore; OIL and HPCL of Rs 25 crore each; and IOCL donated Rs21.83 crore towards the construction of the ‘Statue of Unity’...
October 17, 2017

How companies are spending on CSR projects

The top 100 NSE companies are moving beyond compliance to focus on creating long-term impact for beneficiaries of their CSR projects...
October 17, 2017

CSR projects in sports: Few companies willing to play along

It appears that the 2020 Olympics Games have not really encouraged companies to devote money to sports in this fiscal year either...
October 9, 2017

Managing CSR for more than 150 corporates and 2 lakh volunteers using tech

When Abhishek Humbad and Richa Bajpai, 30, founded Goodera in February 2014, they had no idea they would...
October 4, 2017

10% Of Corporate India’s Total CSR Spend Is Managed On Goodera: CEOs Of Goodera

The CSR Law has brought in a higher level of governance, monitoring requirements and hence accountability...

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