One Platform to measure and

manage the impact of your

Community Programs

Automate your
grants management process

Automate your grant management lifecycle by managing RFPs, evaluating proposals, tracking budgets and finance, simultaneously maintaining your audit trails

Collect real-time
on-ground data

Gather high quality primary data from your non-profit partners, based on measurable KPIs and monitor and evaluate the activities happening on the ground through our web & mobile based applications

Make data driven decisions &
manage project performance

Understand the health and progress of your community impact programs and derive data driven insights through our interactive dashboards at every stakeholder level and across various logical frameworks

Understand last-mile
beneficiary level impact

Understand the last-mile impact at each beneficiary level in real-time and collect feedback and testimonials

Solutions For Your Corporate Citizenship Journey

Grants Management
Non-Profits Evaluation
Finance & Budget Tracking
Monitoring and Evaluation
Baseline, Midline & Endline Surveys
Program Audits
Impact Measurement
Disaster Relief Management

Platform Features

Dynamic Dashboards

API Integration

Notifications & Alerts

Automated backchecks, validations and error flagging

Automated Workflows

Multiple Languages

Multi-Level Data Collection

Web & Mobile Access

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One Platform to measure and manage the impact of your Community Programs


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